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April Fairs
Saturday 29th Rugby Vintage
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Friday, 28th April, 2017  

Saturday 29th April

Rugby Vintage

Toy Collectors Fair

100 Stalls of old Toys and Trains for sale

A MUST for collectors of old toys & trains

Only twice a year - Rugby Vintage features the UK's leading specialist dealers in vintage toys and trains.

Hornby 0 gauge and Dublo, Tri-ang, Trix, Wrenn, Dinky and Corgi Toys, Marklin, Bassett-Lowke, ACE, Darstead and Minic are just some of the items you will find at the show.

As well as the models, there are also several dealers at the show with spare parts and accessories for a wide range of models.

You can even bring along your own old toys and models for a free expert evaluation.

The fair takes place in the Benn Hall on Newbold road (the main road coming into Rugby from the M1 or M6).
The postcode to use for Sat Navs is CV21 2LN.

The fair is open from 10.30am - 3pm

3.50 Adults, 3 Seniors, 1 Children (under 5s free).
Early entry from 8am is 7

Find out more about the Rugby Vintage Toy Collectors Fair

The range of toys and models for sale at each event is huge. Items for sale include Model Railways, Diecast Model Cars, Lorries, Buses and Aeroplanes, Star Wars, Dr. Who and other Film and TV related Toys, Teddy Bears, Action Figures, Dolls, Scalextric, Disneyana, Jigsaws, Lego, Model Soldiers, Display Cases, Tinplate Toys, Games and much, much more!

Prices start from just a pound or two and can run up to several hundred pounds for the very rarest models.

If you have some toys or collectables that you are looking to sell, why not bring them along to one of the fairs - many of the dealers are always keen to buy and will pay top prices for your models on the spot. You could also try booking a stall yourself - many people find it a great way to turn surplus models into cash.

Whether you are new to Toy Collectors Fairs or a regular visitor, we hope you enjoy each fair you visit.

Donington Park Toy Fair HAS FINISHED

Massive news on the toy fair scene - one of the UK's top fairs has suddenly ended.

Donington Park's new owners have decided that they are to change the use of the Exhibition Centre, so there are now no more events to be held there.

The July and October 2017 Toy Fairs that were planned will NOT take place.

Ellis Potter commented "We are as shocked and disappointed as everyone else. After 28 years of fairs at Donington, we have now lost one of the best fairs in the country. It is a real blow.

We have not found a replacement venue in the area, so would recommend that collectors switch to the Stafford, NEC or Doncaster Racecourse shows. These three fairs are all booming right now and are stronger and busier than ever.

It is not good news, but at least we have other great fairs in the Midlands for collectors to visit instead".

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Buxton Toy Fair delayed until 2018

The return of the Buxton show has sadly been delayed, as the extent of the repair works needed for the venue is bigger than was expected.

We will be returning to the venue in early 2018, and the dates will be announced as soon as we have them.

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Friday, 28th April, 2017
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